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On my machine I click the link and "Wait for it to Load", it plays in QuickTime.
Right click and "Save Target As" or just click on it and see if it plays or downloads

Hannah & Gretchen doing a song they wrote & a performance they came up with.   9-29-2012
(this file takes a while to download)

.mpg file - Where My Talent Go!!

On Screen Player - Where My Talent Go!!

This is Connor wearing a Tom Brady jersey, Lisa's family are from the Boston area and most of them are "Patriot Fans", if not all. When we pulled the jersey out Connor loved it and had to put it on (wants to wear it everyday). He yelled out STEELERS!! and we tried our best to get him to acknowledge Tom and the Patriots, but he would not have it.., and I had to get it on tape....

.mpg file - short version - STEELERS!!

.mpg file - long version - STEELERS!!

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